Upholstered Tufted Dining Chair

Tufted Dining Chair Grey

Tufted dining chair – Those that are born to furnish the kitchen have lighter lines and smaller volumes. Also are more manageable and often covered with stain-resistant, repellent and waterproof materials, removable and easily washable. Even the seat can be padded and maintain a leaner and more practical back. But most of the upholstered tufted seats have as their final destination the living room. A beautiful dining table, intended for convivial dinners and for the reception of guests.

So, deserves to be completed by chairs that invite you to relax, comfortable to the point that it is a pity to have to get up to take leave of the guests. The upholstered tufted wingback dining chair can be divided into two broad style containers, or in classic chairs, modern chairs. The classic chairs recall the Baroque period or the imperial style. And are equipped with voluminous padding supported by an inlaid and meticulously worked wooden structure.

Precious essences, gildings and moldings run along feet, seats and backs and often also armrests. To create a small and precious work of artisan craftsmanship, a piece of furniture that recalls traditions and glories of past ages. These dining chairs set can be chosen for a home in a romantic and elegant style, which is inspired by the shabby style. Or for environments with a contemporary, virile and sophisticated taste.