There Are Different Types Of Shower Chair

Corner Wood Shower Bench

A shower must be synonymous with absolute relaxation, right? Well, nevertheless a shower can turn into a mission impossible for the less mobile among us … Water, soap and a smooth surface are a dangerous cocktail to start shifting under the shower. A shower chair can be a dream relief here. There are different types of shower seats, each with their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Let us start with the basics with the shower stool . The big advantage of this type of shower chair? It is movable. So you can use it during your shower, or outside the shower for drying or for the sink. Certainly always opt for anti-slip feet!

However, a shower stool also has some disadvantages: there is no backrest, it quickly gives a messy effect in your bathroom by letting the shower stool ‘lie around’ and the user-friendliness sometimes dares to fail in the case of the older generation who have to get on their own on the shower stool… n most cases it is better to opt for a shower chair instead of a stool: thanks to the provided back and arm rests it is easy to get up and sit down with a shower chair. A shower chair on wheels that can be moved is completely ideal.