Theme Beach Decor Ideas

Beach Decor Bedroom

Beach decor theme can turn your house into a getaway no matter where you are. Beach themes can bring life to a lifeless wash room or create an elegant master suite. Inspire yourself on the most famous beaches around the world to decorate your home on a beach theme while expressing your personal style.

The typical beach colors theme of the decoration is dark gray, navy blue and white. This color palette works well for both sexes. For an updated nautical theme try a palette consisting of sea green foam, gray or dark blue-green. Look for occasional furniture made of wicker or more or less worn wood. You might even be able to find some pieces of high-end outdoor furniture to mix in all the space. Wood shades should be light or white so that it does not become the focal point of the room.

Keep your sofa in a neutral cotton fabric for pop accessories. Striped curtains can be reminiscent of a beach towel to add simple pattern to the room. Accessories with a fishing net, shells and rope. Glue these items around lamp bases, ceiling lamps, mirrors or picture frames. Show the shells you’ve collected on your trips, or buy your favorite fake shells at a craft store. Place them in a glass jar along with the sand for a cheap decorative accessory.