Steps In The Master Bath Remodel

Traditional Master Baths

A master bath remodel should be functional, but with a spacious and comfortable feeling. Any remodeling project must take into account the needs of the current owners and also consider the implications of the project on the resale value of the house. While there are many design and appliance options that could be included in a master bathroom remodeling project, space and budget considerations are likely to affect which ones you choose.

Evaluate the space in your main bathroom. This is one of the most desirable features of a bathroom. Return to place the old sink with a double sink mounted on a toilet. Double sinks are often preferred in the main bathroom, providing a space to call your own. Update the accessories based on your budget. You can go all the way by replacing the toilet, tub, and shower. Paint the bathroom in a color that matches the porcelain accessories and the master bedroom.

To install a new plant that harmonizes with the rest of the bathroom. While tile is a good choice in many cases, it can also be expensive and difficult to install. There are many types of vinyl flooring that look great in a bathroom and are easy and affordable to install. Accessorize the master bathroom by adding coordinated touches such as bathroom curtain, towels, soap dish, and the floor carpet. These little details can help tie the entire boardroom and give you a facelift.