Something Nice With Wall Decor

Cool Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor – Do you also have such a wall that you think: I have to do something nice with this … But what? Would you like to add a warm tint to your interior? A beautiful natural and insulating material is cork. You can cover a whole wall with it or create a fun inspiration board. The nice thing about such a board is that you can style it again and again with different photos and accessories. This way you can easily have a new wall decoration without having to adjust the entire wall again.

A color for the wall? We often get that question because which color do you choose? A dark color makes you small again and with a light color you might not get much contrast. Time to have a look at the trend colors and the most beautiful combinations.

Do you really want something special in the living room? Then view our 3 tips with sturdy walls made from recycled scrap wood, wall panels made from cane sugar waste and a wall made from tree bark. Good eco guaranteed! The hall is also often a challenge to hang something nice. And the space is often small so what you hang up should actually be practical.