Small Kitchen Remodel Design And Ideas

Tiny Kitchen

Small Kitchen Remodel – Your old kitchen seems cramped or dark, and appliances are beginning to overwhelm your limited space. Give your small kitchen a fresh look and greater efficiency with a well-planned kitchen remodeling. Small kitchens are less expensive to remodel and are often more efficient than their larger counterparts. Incorporate new intelligent technologies such as space-saving cabinets and compact devices to save space and improve the design.

Keep a notebook of your ideas. Save clippings from magazines and photos of cooking styles and designs that you like. Create a plan for your kitchen on graph paper. Measure the dimensions and distances of stationary objects such as windows, doors, and walls. Research space-saving appliances and devices designed specifically for small kitchens. Install recessed lamps instead of ceiling mounted lighting fixtures or a chandelier. Select light colors for walls, cabinets, and floors.

Create unique niches, with a shelving cavity and hang racks to save space. Spice shelves or a hanging pot shelf provide visual appeal and save valuable real estate kitchen cupboard. Check with your local code department for kitchen remodeling regulations, such as the electrical wiring requirements and the top counter height. Your code department can also provide you with useful ideas and resources.