Rocking Chair Design Ideas

Comfort Rocking Chair

Rocking chair – The design of your own wooden swing chair gives you the opportunity to decide on the angle of the backrest of the chair, its size and how quickly the rocks. Take note of what you do and do not like the chair so you can design a customized version.  Design the width and depth of the chair. A good width for a swing chair is at least 4 inches wider than the intended user width. If you are designing a rocking chair for a child, leave room for the child’s growth. In the design of the depth of the chair, keep in mind that again president can take up to 2 inches. The front edge of the rocking chair should be designed so that the user does not feel a hard angle under their legs.

Set the range of the rolling lanes. The rails are the lower, curved pieces that make the chair rock. Rails that are too long pose a tripping hazard, and those that are too short can cause a rocking chair to tip. Good rocking chair rails extend 2 inches beyond the front of the seat and no more than 6 inches beyond its trailing edge.

Design the arch of the rails and the angle of the legs of the chair. The rails should have a smooth curve that does not have the rocking tilt back quickly once you sit on the seat. The legs of an oscillating chair generally extend from the seat at a 5 degree angle and enter the rails at the same angle.