Parsons Chair In Very Simple Design

Best Parsons Chair Slipcovers

Parsons chair originate from the late 19th and early 20th centuries from the Parsons School in Paris. The typical Parsons chair is very simple in its design with sturdy legs and a long, square backrest. An identifying feature of the original Parsons chair is the fact that they are always upholstered and usually have no arms. The standard construction of a Parsons chair never changes, which distinguishes them from other types of chairs.

However, the difference in coatings makes them more diversified and gives them more decorative possibilities. Some may have a skirt, while others are more simplistic. Some have backs with openings while others are all. Upholstery material is another aspect that is different, ranging from leather to fabric. Some variations on the Parsons chairs are in the design of the seat and backrest.

A slight curvature is added to the seat to give it an elegant appearance. A bow added to the top of the backrest adds another design element to the simplistic features of a Parsons chair. Instead of the straight back design, a slight curve to the back molds the human body a little more comfortably. Parsons chairs are mainly used as dining room chairs, but they also work in a grouping of furniture in other rooms as well.