New Season With Beautiful Easter Decorations

Country Easter Decorations

To beautify the house and welcome the new season with a beautiful easter decorations, start by rummaging in the cupboards and drawers, recover and offer a second festive life to old and various trinkets; prepare papier-mache, take out the glue, the jars of paints without solvents, the staples, the colored ribbons … And above all, arm yourself with patience and good humor, as well as a good dose of imagination  !

In the family, are you all chocolate lovers? Spoons filled with chocolate will therefore have the best effect on a festive table. First of all, you need of course, pastry chocolate (black, white and / or praline), but in addition, decorations in sugar or chocolate, hazelnuts and pistachios. As for the utensils, plan a pan, a tray but especially, beautiful spoons as a decorative support .

In a suitable container, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Then, using a spoon, fill with chocolate, the spoons provided for the realization of your Easter decoration: lay them flat, the handle resting on the edge of a tray (or a plate ). Once this step is over, let it harden a little then, be inspired to brighten your spoons of chocolate: sugar decorations, pistachio chips and hazelnuts … Then, reserve them in the fridge, but not in the refrigerator, before offer them to gourmands.