MidCentury Credenza Furniture

MidCentury Modern Furniture

Midcentury credenza – The credenza is a piece of furniture that has had serious modifications, always adapting to what fashion dictates over the years. Now it has ceased to be the furniture of the grandparents to become an extremely useful piece in the home. The credenza was born in the middle of the fourteenth century. As a piece of wood carved by hand that could have doors in its lower part, inlaid wood or roots, which could be used to store glassware.

Afterwards, the mid century modern credenza became an exclusively decorative piece of furniture. Where it served as the lower part or auction of the long mirrors of the salons of palaces and mansions. The credenza classics are made to bridge the design between ancient nuances and wrapped in simplicity of form. The concept that is thought to be simple, in an era that is very yearning for modernity, people unconsciously miss something that smells old and classic.

Things that have started to be forgotten and felt outdated. These small shelves, which sometimes can be larger, have different uses today. Many times, these mid century media console become the table of memories, where family photographs look perfect, accompanied by some ornaments. Such as vases, to welcome visitors to our homes.