Mid Century Modern Furniture Design

Mid Century Modern Area Rugs

Mid Century Modern –  The period between the end of World War II and the beginning of 1960 brought a period of optimism and prosperity to America. John F. Kennedy became president, a man flew into space, and it seemed like something was possible. Planned glory seems like a good idea and disposable furniture is crazy. Joe Colombo built a chair outside the cylinder which was coated with polyurethane foam that could be taken and put into a backpack. Wendell Palace creates white plastic chairs that look like sand castles with only one depression in the middle to sit.

New plastic allows furniture to be printed into every imaginable form, and some forms that are unimaginable. But for most designers, the form is followed by functionality and they develop in a view that originates from the Modernists. For Japanese influences the structure is simple, they add bold colors, stretched fabrics and formed plywood. The extensive use of aluminum can affect furniture design. Just as leisure time has become an important part of American culture, designers began to make chairs designed to be bent.

Informally mastered and lines stretched and transferred to organic forms only provided by new materials.Like the main works of Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson at the furniture company Herman Miller departed in a style that demanded “endurance, unity, integrity and inevitability.” America, because it was able to quickly recover from the destruction of World War II, led the way.