Installation Of Runner Rugs On Stairs

Using Runners In The Bedroom

The addition of runner rugs to the stairs is a fairly simple job. First, determine the width of the corridor you need. Most carpet runners are 27 to 32 inches wide. However, some companies are sent to make the corridor for their needs. Once the home runner steps up, begin to prepare the strips without rivets that will lead the runner towards the staircase. To do this, cut the strips 2 inches shorter than the width of the carpet.

Once you have the strip without rivets positioned, put the carpet pad. To do this, make sure that the carpet pad is the same width as the strips without rivets. For the length, cut it 3 inches longer than the depth of the tread, which is the platform on which you walk. Place one end of the flush carpet pad against the rivet-free strip. Achieve this purpose with 3/16 inch staples placed every 2 to 3 inches across the edge of the pad. Pull the pad over the edge of the step.

Now is the time to put the broker. Use a square to ensure that the end of the carpet is straight. Next, apply latex glue carpet to the cutting edges of the slide. This will prevent them from wearing out over time. Line the corridor to the top edge of the staircase. Secure the edge with the staple gun. Make sure that you push down on the stapler to get through the pile of the carpet. Staple the straight runner on the top every 2 inches.