Ideas To Paint Plastic Patio Chairs

Beautiful Painting Plastic Outdoor Chairs

Plastic patio chairs – What was previously sure to be a poor job at the best of now is a relatively easy task that results in a new and beautiful look for your furniture. Between the improvement in the quality of the paintings on the market and the improvement of systematic techniques, they are bound to have a successful project if they adhere to some preparation work and attention to detail.

Put on your safety glasses and prepare a solution of water and chlorine in your bucket in a ratio of three parts of water to one part of chlorine. Apply the solution either by injection into or the use of rags to coat the surface. This will get rid of any mold in the chairs. Allow the solution to remain in the chair for approximately 20 minutes. Using the water hose, rinse the chair thoroughly.

Scrub the chair with the detergent mixture to remove any remaining dirt and then rinse thoroughly with the water hose. Allow the chair to dry completely. Sand the surface so that it is ready to receive the primer. Using the dust mask and with fine-grained sandpaper, sand the entire surface of the chair to make the texture rough. This will improve the adhesion qualities of the primer. Apply a bond of adhesion high adhesion designed for outdoor use on plastic. Spread the piece of plastic cloth. Spray the primer on the surface of the chair, covering all the pieces to achieve a solid bond between the plastic chair and what will be the paint finish layer.