Ideas For The Fireplace Remodel

Stone Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace Remodel – Fireplaces tend to be focal points, so if the fireplace does not look good, it affects the entire room. To continue with your fireplace a star attraction, you are likely to focus on two things: the envelope and the fireplace. Changing one or both of them is a small job that makes a big impact.

Re-facing an old brick surround with new tiles or stone is an easy way to transform your fireplace. In most cases, the new envelope can be installed just above the brick. When choosing your new surround sound, keep your aesthetic style in mind. For a modern look, choose large and smooth tiles, or maybe trendy, small glass tiles. Contemporary fireplaces have an elegant, free look, so stay away from striking or textured tiles. Slate or stacked stone surround complement a warm and cozy room. For a formal dining room, consider granite or marble tiles.

If you like the texture, but not the color of your brick fireplace, you can paint the brick any color you choose. For a dramatic contrast with its walls, paint the fireplace a bright white or cream. To make the fireplace move farther away in the background, try a neutral taupe tone of the envelope. Painting is the easiest and fastest way to give your