Ideas For Repair A Wicker Dining Chairs

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Wicker dining chairs provide much-needed comfort. The only compromise is that wicker is not as durable as solid wood and is prone to wear and tear. Restore function, as well as appearance of a wicker dining chair by the new wicker stretch on the chair seat.

Run a utility knife at the junction between the wicker seat selection curve and the solid chair seat to pull out the tongue. The fluted is the wooden cord that is wedged in a slot around the wicker to hold it in place. It’s just like the rubber cable that holds the screen on the screen door in place. Use a fluted chisel, which has a thin and flat head, to work your way around the seam and gradually lift the tongue.

Remove the remains of the original wicker. Use a pair of scissors to cut the sheet of wicker cane fabric so it is about 1 inch longer than the hole in the seat of the chair in all directions. Soak the cut piece of wicker and the tongue in water for 30 minutes to make it flexible and easy to work. Center of the piece cut from the wickerwork frame on the seat of the chair.