How To Hang Large Decorative Mirrors

Small Decorative Mirrors

Large decorative mirrors can actually open a room, adding reflected light and even the perception of more space. It is imperative that you take your time when hanging a heavy mirror – a regular picture hanger will not be able to withstand the weight of it, nor will the regular fine picture wire. While most of the preparation can be done by one person, hanging the mirror itself is a two-person job.

Screw two D-rings on each side of the mirror frame, four-fifths of its height from the bottom edge. Measure the horizontal length of the mirror. Subtract 4 inches, and mark this measurement on the top of the plywood. Locate the studs on the wall using a beam detector. Mark the points with a pencil, then hold the mirror over the spots, while an assistant marks the edges.

Nail the strip of plywood on the wall, through the drywall on the right and left foot. If you do not feel the nail driving on the wood beyond the drywall, place another nail 1 inch above and the hammer on the stud. Insert the wood screws into the plywood with a drill, leaving 1/4 inch to hang. Lift the mirror, with an assistant, and hold it against the wall, a few inches higher than the anchor. Slowly lower the mirror so that the cable rests on the screws.