How To Decorate With Kilim Rugs

World Market Kilim Rug

The addition of kilim rugs to your décor will infuse an international and eclectic touch. Originally from the Middle East, these carpets are most often in Pakistan, Turkey, India, and the Balkans. Kilim carpet patterns can include tribal graphic stripes or subtle floral designs. The colors of the kilim carpets range from brown, earth tones, green and rust. Most kilim rugs are less expensive than manufactured rugs, so for those looking to save money on their floor coverings, kilim rugs are the perfect accessory.

Evaluate what the base colors of the room you want to add the kilim to. Then, bring your color palette to a carpet store that carries kilim rugs. Kilim carpets source through commercial carpet stores to find a wide range of carpets in kilim style. Choose a color to match the decoration of your current one if you want the kilim mix at the bottom of your room. Choose a bright carpet and kilim graphic if you want the kilim to stand out and be the main feature of your room.

Buy a couple of different rugs that you are considering to take home. Try several carpet rugs to see which one fits best. Set the kilim with a carpet protector. Kilim rugs are very thin rugs made with cotton and hemp and need protection against wear. Add free accessories to your room with your new kilims like rattan and wicker pieces. Ceramic hand painted along with pots with palm trees and ficus also complement their kilim.