How To Clean A Sisal Rugs

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Sisal Rugs –  The sisal carpet, which comes from the Agave plant fiber in Central America, becomes dirty, dirty and moves like any other carpet. Sisal carpet cleaning is easier than seen or heard! Remember the following tips, and you can also have a clean and sparkling sisal carpet. Sisal is harvested and stripped for long-lasting fiber, making the carpet very flexible and strong. But even if your carpet might be warm, it can still be affected by external forces. When washing, clean the carpet carefully to avoid surface damage and uneven coloring.

Do not clean the carpet with excess liquid; Sisal carpets tend to shrink when this happens. Make sure your carpet is not damp or moist. Moisture can disrupt your carpet, launch it into the shadow of yourself beforehand. Instead, make sure your carpet is in its current condition by placing it in a dry place, preferably areas where spills are less likely to occur. If you spill carpet in your area, clean it as soon as possible by wrapping it with a dry cloth and without rubbing the liquid onto the fiber. Let’s say you spill something that can stain your sisal carpet with a mild soap and water solution.

Or, you can get half a half water vinegar, or try cleaning the place with cleaning products recommended by your carpenter. Dip the cloth in the soap and push the carpet, but remember to wash it afterwards. And remember to use little by little until your carpet doesn’t absorb liquid. Repeat the bottom of the carpet if necessary. Clean dry objects such as dirt by rubbing them with dull edges, like a wooden knife.