Halloween Decorations Set For Front Porch

Spirit Halloween

A front porch offers ample space to place Halloween decorations. Instead of allowing your porch to sit naked and undecorated on Halloween and select a theme and decorate it. Selecting a theme for your front porch creates a unified and balanced appearance. You do not need any special skills to decorate a porch for Halloween.

Decorate your porch with spiders and cobwebs. You can buy artificial cobwebs at a department store, craft store or hobby shop during Halloween. Secure the piece of the spider web to your porch, either with staples or tape. Attach random plastic spiders on the spider web material so that they look as if they crawl everywhere. Hang Halloween lights from the theme chandelier to the porch as it lights up your decorations at night. You may want to add a large plastic chandelier to the floor on the porch for an added decorative element.

Create a ghostly Halloween porch by decorating your porch with a variety of different ghosts. You may want to create ghosts from old white sheets and large Styrofoam balls like your head. Tie the sheet under the Styrofoam ball to create a face in the ghost. Hang ghosts all over your porch with a rope and hooks or staples. If you buy decorative ghosts to decorate your porch with, hang them in the same way you would for homemade ghosts. For an additional decorative element, incorporate a strobe light. The strobe light during the night creates an illusion of flying ghosts.