Great Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small Bathroom Remodel Decor

Small bathroom remodel – Small bathrooms often present unique challenges for owners who want a space with style and functionality. While there are decorating dilemmas to overcome with a small bathroom, it is possible to design an area that feels spacious for those who incorporate elements such as a light color palette for walls and accessories, a shower with shower screen glass, reflective marble floors, a large mirror, floor to ceiling shelves and white or brown fixtures. With the incorporation of various decorating techniques, a small, bright and spacious bathroom is achievable for most homeowners.

Paint the bathroom a light color. Light colors help create an open space that feels and makes the four walls visually move away. Choose a beige or brown light color to help create a small bathroom with a broad, open look. Paint the white ceiling. White roofs create an environment that feels superior and makes the space visually expand. The brighter the white, the stronger the effect of perceived height will be.

Choose a white dresser. White bathroom furniture pieces improve the overall design of a small bathroom, since they have less visual weight than stained wood varieties. Include a glass shower. Glass-enclosed showers are tile units that are completely surrounded by clear glass. A glass shower adds to the feeling of space that helps open a small bathroom.