Great Ideas Bathroom Remodel Cincinnati

Hall Bathroom Tile

Bathroom remodel cincinnati – Decorate your bathroom with a Cincinnati Bengals theme if you or someone in your house is a devoted fan of the NFL team. The bathroom should still function as a bathroom while showing his love for the Bengals. Paint the walls a neutral color, such as a warm white cream or, if the orange is too bright. Avoid black, since the room will feel very small and the walls will absorb all the light, which is not good in a bathroom. Add tiger stripes by painting a border around the room or painting the Bengals logo on the wall. As an alternative, use Cincinnati Bengals border wallpaper around the room.

Place a Bengals rug on the floor instead of using a bath mat. If you need a bath mat, use plain orange or black, or use one of each. Hang the towels Bengals on screen if the walls are straight and neutral, or with black or orange towels continued if the walls have a busy pattern. Use solid black or orange towels for daily use. Roll up and stick them in a Bengals bag or basket if you have the space.

Hang a Cincinnati Bengals shower curtain with orange or black shower curtain hooks. Solid black or orange and black tiger stripes will work just as well. Show Cincinnati Bengal artwork, pictures or objects on the walls. For example, hang a Bengals banner or pendants if the walls are neutral. If you have painted a mural, let it serve as a focal point on the walls leaving the rest of the plain walls.