Great And Affordable Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Blue Decorations

Arranging a babyshower means full focus on the future mother, but it is also a perfect opportunity to get rid of babyshower decorations. Balloons are great and affordable baby shower decorations. You can use two large, round balloons on either side of the dessert table or balloon tape to create a Pinterest worthy installation to hang over. Balloon tape is actually for creating large balloon arches, but I usually use it to easily create something eye-catching for parties.

Use an electric balloon pump to save time. Beautifully decorated cakes, cupcakes, donuts, macaroons and biscuits are perfect both for baby shower decorations and for inviting guests. Use cake dishes at different heights to create visual dynamics. If you do not offer a whole meal, I would recommend some simple options – lightly picked food and a little different sweets.

Use white serving dishes and serve them with a lot of color such as fresh berries or caprese salad. Colorful flowers brighten up any party and you don’t have to ruin yourself with a florist to get beautiful bouquets for your baby shower decorations. Variation is the most important thing for the bouquets to look professional, so buy 4-5 different bouquets in the grocery store.