Elegance Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds

Dark Tile Fireplace Surround

Contemporary fireplace surrounds – Modern ideas for fireplaces and a whole world of decoration that we present in some ideas today. Modern fireplaces have changed the landscape in many halls. Modern fireplaces in particular are one of these latest trends. They are an excellent way to accentuate the different spaces of the house. The development that they have gone through over the years makes them perfectly adaptable.

Each model can be applied to state-of-the-art locations or spaces that may have a rustic look. The fuel used is another breakthrough when it comes to modern fireplaces, ideas and decoration. The vast majority uses biogas, although, as mentioned, there are firewood models. The harmonious integration with the different rooms is also due to the new designs. Inclined plane and also the materials used create a great dynamic.

All this without losing the elegance and with excellent functionality that brings the design to life. The bubble shape with antraxit designs is one of the most striking. It is one of the many ideas designed to create special atmospheres. It is a form that promotes direct contact with fire and creates extremely inviting environments. The original shape resembles a metal bubble with the effect of the fire inside.