Contemporary Bathrooms Ideas

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Contemporary bathrooms – The design of the bathroom is becoming the focus of many interior design image changes. While once the bathroom was seen as purely functional, the space is being transformed into a sanctuary of function and style. Contemporary tiles are produced today in new and innovative materials, colors, shapes and sizes, ideal for today’s bathroom. The use of these different products can produce a contemporary style bathroom that combines form and function.

Instead of using a traditional square meter tile or tile in the bathroom, make use of a new form of tile. Mount them vertically in low rooms of ceilings to attract the look up, the space elongated. Tile, circle penny tiles or bubble tiles are produced in all materials for use in bathrooms as well. Look for glass tiles with iridescent surfaces, penny ceramic tiles in sizes from 1/2 inch to 3 inches in size and circular stone tiles mixed with squares and rectangles at the borders for a whimsical look.

For small contemporary style bathrooms, think big. Large tiles have a smaller number of grout lines than smaller tiles, which helps small bathrooms look larger. Contemporary style tiles are available in sizes up to 24 inches and can be installed on floors or walls.