Boho Rugs, How To Use Them?

Yellow Boho Rug

The boho rugs or bohemian, in essence, is a mixture of styles. Relaxed, loose, hippie and elegant, he came to stay and today it is very common to see him in different spaces. An example of this carpets, which are characterized by their mixture of colors and geometric and tribal designs.

There are carpets of many designs and are very versatile; in fact, one of its great advantages is that, in addition to being able to use them in several different rooms, you can easily combine them with other styles. If you prefer neutral colors and you like bright spaces, then choose a light colored carpet, but have details in its texture and shape. Play with accessories and furniture. Choose the wood and natural fibers to accompany it.

On the contrary, if you want your carpet to be the focal point, dare with vibrant and strong colors. This type of carpets have an oriental and vintage look, therefore they will be very well combined with retro furniture or mid-century style. And if you like it, but you think it’s too flashy for you, try combining it with another smooth one. Covering carpets is very fashionable and will help you to “lower” the visual impact of the boho style, in addition to increasing the carpeted surface of your room. A win-win by where you look.