About The Bath Chairs For Disabled Peoples

Victorian Bath Chair

Bath chairs for the disabled allow people with disabilities to use a normal shower. The chair sits in the shower or bathtub and allows the user to shower while sitting. They are easy to use and do not require any special installation.

Shower chairs for the disabled come with a variety of functions to meet the needs of different users. Some seats have backrests in case a person cannot support themselves sitting upright. Some have extended benches so that the seat comes to the side of the tub, making it easy for a person to transfer from a wheelchair to the shower chair. Sometimes to facilitate storage or transportation. A handicapped shower chair simply sits in the shower or bathtub. They are sturdy and do not slip out of place. You can easily lift the shower chair from the shower or in the bathtub if someone wants to bathe, you do not need a wheelchair.

The cost of a disabled shower chair varies depending on the features you desire. The typical cost in 2010 is approximately $ 50 to $ 150, although some cost much more. If your health insurance plan covers durable medical equipment, you can cover the cost of a shower chair if your doctor says that the chair is medically necessary.