A Sleek Modern Contemporary Living Room

Cool Modern Contemporary Living Room

Integrating a library into the contemporary living room only seems to be reserved for traditional living rooms. Yet modern bookshelves can also be perfectly integrated into contemporary living rooms. Books bring warmth and provide inspiration and ideas. A sleek modern living room can be made more pleasant in a practical way. The aim in designing this modern living room was to create an open feeling and togetherness with the different spaces.

The tailor-made TV furniture extends into the doorway and ensures that the two spaces blend nicely into each other. This also strengthens the inside-outside relationship. Behind the TV furniture panel, indirect lighting has been placed that serves as a mood maker in the evening and also provides a spatial effect. The modern devices can be neatly tucked away behind the small swinging doors.

These fun design ideas ensure that a small living room design can also look spacious. Accent walls can considerably increase the spatial effect of the living room or living room. A colorful back wall will suck the space towards you while a white back wall will make the space look deeper. The long accent wall with the above living room idea ensures that the fireplace, the TV unit and the sliding window become one.