Our Annual Fall Wine Dinner is quickly approaching, make your reservations today!!
Vegetarian options will be made available if requested before the evening.

**Minor menu adjustments may be made leading up to the event**

2014 Can Feixes Blanco Selección
     paired with Albondigas
          Traditional Meatball Appetizer

2012 Mont Marcal Cava Rosada
     paired with Espanol Tortilla en un Vaso
          Spanish Omelette in a Glass

2014 Legado del Conde Albarino
     paired with Fabada Asturiana con Pan Tomate
          Bean Stew & Bread with Tomato

2014 Cepas Antiguas Rioja
    paired with Paella
         Traditional Seafood & Rice Dish

2012 Pasanau Ceps Nous
     paired with Chuleta de Cordero Comino Sabor Ensalada de Setas
          Lamb Chop with Cumin Flavored Mushroom Salad

Bodegas Hildago Trian Shery NV
    paired with Seleccion de Quesos con Fruta y una Tostada Pimienta Negra y Pasas de Uva
         Cheese and Fruit selection with Roasted Black Pepper & Raison Puree